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Gifts for Guitar Players | The Ultimate Present Guide!

Looking for the best gifts for guitar players? It’s easy to run out of ideas when it comes to cool and useful guitar related gifts for a friend or family member. This is especially so when dealing with guitar supergeeks who tend to be fussy with the type of gear they own. 

However, you’ve come to the right place! I’ve put together the ultimate music gifts guide that’ll help you get the most awesome presents for guitarists! I’ve curated most of the items on this list based on affordability and value-for-money. A large portion of my gift ideas are practical while others are a bit more playful. However, all of them are guaranteed to please your fret-playin’ friend without needing to break the bank!

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1. Guitar Amp Key Holder

Guitar Themed Gifts 1

First item on the list… because which guitarist could resist hanging their keys like a rockstar?! It’s almost like plugging in their guitar cables… except with jingling keys.

This amp-themed key holder gift comes with 4 individual keychains and 1 wall mounting kit, and is made from authentic amp material. Best of all, it not only hangs keys but can also endure the weight of heavier items like cables and straps, or other stuff you can dangle off a hook. Small in size, this key holder will fit anywhere in the house, adding a little rock n’ roll spirit into any guitarist’s daily routine.

I honestly can’t think of a more practical and perfect gift for guitar lovers! Even better, there are other designs available as well.

2. Strap Locks

Any performing guitarist would love to be gifted a pair of strap locks. As the name suggests, this accessory keeps the guitar strap in place during high energy live shows. They let guitarists swing their instrument around wildly without worrying about their straps shifting or sliding uncomfortably.

My personal favorite strap lock is the Dunlop Straplok System, which comes with a 360-degree groove and ball. This allows the unit to rotate without catching. The steel coating also ensures solid durability. Furthermore, the same strap lock can be used with different guitars, thanks to its interchangeable buttons. The Dunlop Straplok System has been tested to up to 800 lbs. of pull force, giving guitar lovers that added assurance.

3. Customized Guitar Picks

Custom Guitar Picks 2

Custom accessories are a great way to make any guitarist feel special and a personalized guitar pick will no doubt warm his or her heart! Made to order by Clayton Custom, these custom design picks make for extremely affordable yet thoughtful gifts for guitar players.

These high-quality picks are available in different thicknesses and sizes for an added layer of customization. My tip: quietly borrow your friend’s pick first for early measurements, just to make sure you’re going to get him/her something he/she will actually want to play with on a day to day basis.

4. IK Multimedia iRig 2

iRIg 2 music

This amazing gadget allows any guitar player to plug their favourite electric guitar into his/her mobile phone for a rocking good time, anytime, anywhere. The IK Multimedia iRig 2’s compact interface is compatible with most iPhones, iPads, Macs, and Android devices. It also comes with the company’s award-winning AmpliTube app, which acts as an amplifier simulator that mimics the sound of a real guitar amp. Brilliant!

I’ve personally used this device to both practice and perform at live shows. It sounds amazing and is absolutely reliable! Best part of all, the iRig 2 is light and much easier to carry around compared to a traditional guitar amp. Affordable, portable and practical. That’s a winning combo!

5. Nanoblock Electric Guitar

Nanoblock Electric Guitar- Red

Not as practical as most of the items on the list but definitely a fun little guitar-themed gift to put on display. The build quality of the Nanoblocks are extremely good and durable. They come in different sizes and colors and offer a good puzzle challenge for any guitarist trying to piece them together. My favourite style is the red electric guitar featured here, since the colors are brighter and bolder than the rest of the available designs.

6. Marshall Kilburn Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Presents for guitarists

Marshall is an extremely well-known brand, and this Bluetooth speaker is one piece of technology every serious guitar lover would want to have. The vintage-looking front fret, gold-coloured metal details, and iconic script logo all bear the unmistakable Marshall look. Best of all, these speakers are ultra portable and compact, weighing in at just under 7 pounds.

Owning one of these myself, I can attest to the speaker sound being loud and crisp, ideal for playing back hard rock tracks! I keep this baby near my actual big-sized Marshall amp, just to complete the look. Even at parties, these speakers are always with me and can definitely help to bring life to any musicians’ gathering.

7. Guitar Stands

Guitar Stands

The classic guitar stand is a great way to hold guitars during gigs or display a prized instrument collection at home. This is a simple evergreen invention that serves as a cool gift idea for guitarists of any age and genre. I’d recommend checking out the AmazonBasics Guitar Stand for its low price, high-quality durability, and consistent five-star reviews. It helps that the stand is foldable too!

8. Guitar Pick Puncher

Guitar Pick Puncher

This little thingamajig is fun yet practical, allowing you to punch guitar picks on the go out of old credit cards, thin acrylic pieces, and even hotel room keycards! The guitar-pick-puncher is a very unique gift that’ll stop fret-masters from ever fretting over their lost picks (see what I did there? Ha. Ha.). Heavy duty, sturdy, and equipped with a stainless steel blade, he/she will be punching out smooth and distinctly-patterned picks every single time. Nice!

9. Snark Guitar Tuner

snark guitar tuner

The first step to making any guitar sound good is to keep it in tune! But here’s a fun fact: changes in temperature travelling from venue to venue can actually cause guitar strings to expand and contract, making them go out of tune over time. Excessive playing and bending can also lead to this.

Not everyone is pitch-perfect. So thankfully, with the clip-on Snark guitar tuner, any guitarist will be able to tune up on short notice without the fuss. This little tuner is affordable and small, and can be an absolute lifesaver when it comes to putting on a professional sounding performance. I know I could never go without mine!

10. Guitar Pick Holder Keychain

Guitar Picks Holder

Made of high quality PU leather, this guitar pick holder carries up to 5 or 6 guitar picks at a time. I find this to be an extremely practical item for any guitarist who uses a variety of pick types.

I bought one of these for a friend of mine and now he carries it around everywhere he goes! And, hey, it holds his keys too (duh!). This is the most affordable item on my entire list. It also comes in medium brown, although I personally prefer the black version.

11. Line 6 Relay G10 Digital Wireless Guitar System

Line 6 Relay G10 Digital Wireless Guitar System

Yup, this is by far one of the most reliable and lasting wireless systems out there! Unless your intended gift recipient is selling out massive arenas every week, the Line 6 Wireless guitar system is his/her best bet. The system works extremely well for small to medium-sized gig venues, freeing any guitarist to jump, run, and rock out without the hindrance of dangling cables.

Many of my musician friends were initially using the Line 6 Relay G30. However, nearly all of them switched to the G10 immediately after its release. Compared to its market counterparts, the Line 6 Relay G10 has a much lighter build and looks much sleeker in its aesthetics and frame. Best of all, most of my pals have not had any struggles with the system during their own live performances. You can squeeze out up to 8 hours of playing time on a full charge too. A solid investment, I’d say!

12. Guitar Pedal Patch Cables

Donner 6 Inch Guitar Patch Cable Black 6-Pack Guitar Effect Pedal Cables

These types of cables are mostly suited to electric guitar geeks who love tinkering about with their pedals. They help to connect different guitar effects to each other, combining them to produce unique sounds and aural textures. Sidenote: I’d say one of the best parts of playing the electric guitar is being free to experiment with various pedals in search for your own signature tone. And these simple but necessary cables help to do the trick!

My favorite patch cable maker is Donner. From my experience, their products are fairly hardy, and usually have a good level of signal transparency. I find this particular set to be very durable, seeing as I’ve accidentally stepped on them quite a few times and they’re still working fine even after many shows. They’re a little short in length compared to a few other brands, but make up for that for their reasonable price point and rubber quality.

13. Guitar Shaped Ice-Tray

Guitar Ice Sticks

This one’s a fun little gift! Basically, you dip an icicle plastic stick (looks like a guitar neck) into liquid and chuck the tray into the freezer! The desserts that come out are perfect for music-themed parties that’ll amuse guitarists in particular! You can also use this ice tray to make chocolate or jelly treats as well. The set comes with 3 guitar and 2 musical note shaped moulds. Great fun for adults and kids alike!

14. Squire Mini Strat

Squire Mini Strat

I own this and personally find it to be one of the best travel guitars out there. This pragmatic instrument fits into most airplane overhead compartments, so you really don’t have to worry about going through the hassle of checking it in. For a guitar of this build and quality, the Squire Mini Strat is extremely affordable, offering a 20-fret fingerboard, a vintage-style hardtail Stratocaster bridge, and produces a clear and warm tone. The lower tension on the strings also makes this instrument a cool beginner’s guitar for kids and starting adults.

Obviously, I wouldn’t suggest you use the Mini Strat for any heavy-duty performances or studio recordings. However, it is extremely ideal for bringing around with you to write songs or jam with a friend. It’s compact, effective, and lasting. Definitely a solid pick if you’re looking for winning gifts for guitar players, especially for beginners!

15. Hotone Nano Amp Heads

Compact Guitar Amp Head

This is easily one of the best sounding amp heads around! Don’t be fooled by its cheap price tag: this popular series of Hotone Nano Amp heads is popular for its lightness, portability, and pleasing aesthetics. Each model in the series is engineered to produce sounds similar to well-known guitar amplifiers like the legendary Marshall Plexi Super Lead 1959 (Hotone Purple Wind), Vox AC30 (Hotone British Invasion), and the Fender Tweed (Mojo Diamond).

The amp heads come with separate Volume and Gain knobs equipped with a standard 3-band (Bass, Middle, Treble) EQ and a FX Loop for integrating external effect pedals. Even better, there’s an in-line for headphones, so you’ll be able to jam in the comfort of your bedroom when your parents or kids are asleep.  Play it with a speaker cab and you’ll be blown away by the big sound it produces relative to its price! You can’t get much better when it comes to value-for-money music gifts!

16. Guitar Action Camera

Guitar Camera 2

This mobile camera / GoPro clamp is super useful if your guitarist friend is into filming music videos or being a YouTuber. He/she can easily achieve the stylish ‘looking down the fretboard’ view with no hassle. The clamps come with rubber covers and additional foam padding sheets for added grip safety.

I don’t think most guitarists will be using a gift like this every single day. Still, the clamps do come in handy when it comes to editing together multiple perspectives for a video.

17. Guitar String Wipes

Guitar String Wipes

String wipes are a go-to lifesaver for extending the quality of your guitar strings. They’re handy and help to minimise rust that can actually affect your tone as time passes.

There are many brands out there, although I prefer to go with the Ernie Ball Wonder Wipes for no other reason than they’re affordable and work really well as intended. I usually cover 2-4 guitars with one wipe alone, and find them much easier to use than sprays or cleaning sticks.

18. Portable Guitar Kit

Cruz Tools Guitar Kit

Made by CruzTOOLS, this handy-dandy guitar kit comes with lots of useful tools, including a hex key set, thickness gauge, ruler, capo, cutter, 6-in-1 screwdriver, and more. The kit also includes a beginner’s guide to help any guitarist get started with maintaining his/her instrument in tip-top form.

I actually bought this kit as a gift for a guitarist friend of mine who loved it! Most of the tools are of high quality and will last you for ages. The price point is also hard to beat, probably costing less than if you were to buy all the items inside individually.

More Cool Gift Ideas for Guitarists

Gitar Quick Picks

An elegant yet much needed accessory! In short, these holders can be conveniently clipped onto your strap, holding up to 3 picks. You’ll thus be able to easily whip them out quickly during performances if you ever drop one onstage. Brilliant!

Marshall Fridge

Marshall Mini Fridge

OK, OK, so this isn’t exactly an affordable gift for guitar players. But, I mean, I can’t think of any enthusiast who’d ever say ‘no’ to a mini fridge designed to look like a Marshall amp stack! Owning this fridge will most certainly win you some brownie points with other musicians. I for one wish I could get this! This prized possession carries the official Marshall Logo and is designed with knobs and adjustable front legs and tempered glass shelves. The fridge is also CFC-free with a low decibel compressor.

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– written by Aarry Bllen